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    My Jax Nutrition Coaching

    We believe that the support you receive from our team, paired with the meal plan strategy we offer, are the fundamentals to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Personalization is key.

    Our approach to weight loss (or gain) stems from this theory that abs are made in the kitchen and what you put into your body makes all the difference. At the heart of our nutrition program is a protein based diet, individually formulated, to help you achieve your desired weight. Our meal plan strategy, approved by nutritionists and doctors, dictates the amount of daily protein intake you need based on a body mass index test, your weekly exercise habits, and weight goals. It isn’t a cookie cutter plan or copied and pasted from person to person like many others out there. This meal plan is modified to cater to your personal needs and body type.

    Stop by either location for a complimentary customized meal plan and goal planning session. This complimentary meal plan will provide you recommendations for each meal, which is customized to your goals.

    We understand the difference that support and accountability make when working to achieve these goals and that’s why we offer our life changing program, below which includes one-on-one support and much more.

    Life Changing Program


    Members Receive:
    • Customized Meal Plan & Goal Planning Session
    • Bi-Weekly One-on-One Consultation with Health Coach
    • Weekly Tracking of Progress and Adjustments to Meal Plan
    • Unlimited E-mail Contact with Health Coach
    • 10% OFF Products Purchased on Day of Consultation
    • Try Before You Buy Benefits
    • Daily Monitoring of Food Diary
    • Custom App that allows you to stay connected 24/7. Features of the app include:
      • – Receive recommended daily calorie goal
      • – Log food intake
      • – Log exercise activities
      • – Log body weight
      • – Add favorite food
      • – Track progress against goals
      • – Sync with web account

    *Three month commitment required. No Refunds.

    Free Meal Plan


    Members Receive:
    • Customized Meal Plan & Goal Planning Session
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    We hand select the brands we carry, and you can’t get our brands or products just anywhere. That’s why we ship our products nationwide.


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